Ajax Edit Comments

Ajax Edit Comments is a very powerful free WordPress plugin that allows you and your users to edit their comments.

RA Project, which is now part of Social Improve, is the original birthplace of Ajax Edit Comments.

Ajax Edit Comments can be downloaded for free.

What is Ajax Edit Comments, and why do I love it?

Ajax Edit Comments was one of the first plugins to allow anonymous commenters (readers like you) to edit their comments for a limited amount of time. I’ve had the plugin installed here since it was first made for me back in 2007.

Ajax Edit Comments is extremely customizableFor my readers, it eliminated the anxiety over leaving a typo-ridden or inaccurate comment. For the first time, RA Project (now Social Improve) users could correct their own mistakes instead of undergoing the hassle of e-mailing me and waiting for me to fix their comment.

Anonymous comment editing is just but one of many features that Ajax Edit Comments has to offer. Ajax Edit Comments has a number of features to make your life as an admin so much easier.

For one, you can finally edit the comments from a post or page without visiting the admin area (this saves you a ton of time).

As Ajax Edit Comments matured, more admin-friendly features were added. For example, you as an admin can now easily move comments from one post to another (if a commenter left a comment on the wrong post, which is a common occurrence on my site). If you’re under a spam attack, you can quickly blacklist a commenter and mark all comments as spam with one click.

Furthermore, you can also moderate comments from a post or page, which allows you to delete, moderate, mark as spam, and even de-link (remove an author’s spammy link) from the comment area.

WordPress out of the box still doesn’t have these valuable comment-admin features, and it’s one reason I rely quite heavily on Ajax Edit Comments.

What Ajax Edit Comments has done for me

I can safely say that Ajax Edit Comments has increased the amount of my comments that I receive from returning visitors. It’s an excellent way to assist in community building, as readers are more likely to leave comments knowing they have the security blanket of being able to edit their comments later.

Readers make mistakes, and Ajax Edit Comments allows the readers to fix what used to be a very public and permanent record.

As far as an admin goes, I use Ajax Edit Comments practically every day. It saves me a ton of time since I can edit/moderate comments instantly without having to load the WordPress admin area.

I can imagine what my site without Ajax Edit Comments would be like, and I simply do not want to go there. It’s on the list of essential WordPress plugins that every site should have installed.

What can Ajax Edit Comments do for you?

Well, it depends.

Most users of Ajax Edit Comments love the feature of allowing their commenters to edit their comments. It’s by far the plugin’s most popular and public feature.

But there is so much more Ajax Edit Comments can do. And if used correctly, it can save you a TON of time dealing with comment moderation.

Can WordPress move comments from one post to another? No. But Ajax Edit Comments can.

Can you e-mail a commenter with WordPress without having to load up your e-mail client? No. But Ajax Edit Comments can.

There are so many public and somewhat hidden features that Ajax Edit Comments has. While the concept of the plugin is rather simple, the plugin is an absolute powerhouse. And more has being added with each release so far, and each feature has been based on user requests.

Okay, see for yourself

Check out this demo video. And when you’re done, try leaving a comment below to test and see what anonymous commenters see when leaving a comment.

[youtube uoregGv1ZKk]

Convinced? Get the plugin now!

As mentioned earlier, Ajax Edit Comments is free and is a plugin you will find yourself using over and over.

Go ahead and comment below as a test to see what Ajax Edit Comments looks like and what it can do for you. :)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!