10 Annoying Types of Twitter Users

Everyone you know probably knows about Twitter. They may not understand what Twitter is, but almost everyone online and almost everyone offline around us knows it’s there. It’s the place to talk about anything in less than 140 characters. It’s the place to let everyone else know what you have to say or offer. With the rise in popularity, Twitter has also become the place for a new breed of annoying online users who do nothing but annoy others on Twitter, intentionally or unintentionally.

I get spammed on my @BesZ twitter account almost every 10 minutes or so, and most probably you do too. In addition to spam, people act strangely on Twitter without actually thinking about what they’re doing. Since Twitter focuses and thrives on user interaction, the more annoying someone is, the more affected you can be. It can be very easy to ignore someone who is annoying. It becomes harder, however, to ignore millions of annoying Twitter users who keep doing annoying things or keep acting in an annoying manner without getting anything productive done for themselves, and without providing anything of value to others.

10 Annoying Twitter User TypesThese annoying users may not have the intention of annoying others, but their actions and tweets have resulted in you, me or someone else feeling somewhat annoyed at least everyday. They post spam links, they Retweet [RT] others excessively without having any original tweets, and they also make sure they ignore the step of trying to learn what Twitter is all about or how to use it more efficiently while complaining about Twitter at the same time.

These and more are all annoying types of Tweeters.

Fire up your tweets and pause your birds for a few moments. Here are the 10 most annoying types of Twitter users going around annoying others on Twitter today. See if you’re one of them, or if you know someone who is.

10 Annoying Types of Twitter Users

  1. Sending DM’s with spam links.

    Sending DM spam classifies as being an annoying Twitter User

    One type of annoying Twitter users spam dm'ing @BesZ

    This is one of the most common types of annoying Twitter users out there. Such tweeters will direct message [DM] spam you with links that have nothing to do with you or anything mentioned in the DM itself. This is the exact same as emailing someone with a link saying “Hey click this please!

    The good thing about Twitter is that your “Messages” area is hidden away when you log onto Twitter. So such spam is hidden until you actually go looking for it. That’s also when you decide to either unfollow or block such annoying tweeters.

  2. You get paranoid and offended when someone you don’t know replies or @’s to you on Twitter.

    You would be surprised at the number of people who get offended if you answer them or reply to any of their tweets online for the first time. Such people jump onto Twitter, mainly from MySpace and other networks, without realizing how Twitter works. They will actually get paranoid and ask if you know them. The entire point of Twitter, as opposed to Facebook or MySpace, is to interact with everyone you come across if you wish. If your profile is not set to private, the Twitter world will jump right in. If you are always acting rude and paranoid to people who contact you for the first time on Twitter, you are simply annoying. Maybe you should not delete your MySpace profile just yet.

  3. Writing longer than 140 characters and linking to deckly or elsewhere for more.

    Tweeting longer than 140 characters? Blog and link to your blog instead.

    Tweeting longer than 140 characters? Blog and link to your blog instead.

    Twitter is about your 140 character messages. There is no science or philosophy behind why such a thing is better than something like, say, Facebook. Twitter simply found a niche, and is sticking to that niche nicely. If your message is longer than 140 characters, start a blog and link to it. Having something like Deck.ly shorten your 200 character tweets is annoying. Millions of annoying Twitter users are wasting everyone’s time by resorting to Deck.ly and other services every week.

    Why? Because users see your 120 or so characters on Twitter, click your Deck.ly or other “expansion” link to read more, and realize that they clicked and visited a new page just to read an extra 50 or so words. Whenever you make someone visit a new page to have them read your short message, just because you could not write within 140 characters, you are annoying. And you are annoying others by wasting their time and expectations. Start a blog instead. Having deck.ly serve as an expansion to your tweets that no one can understand without visiting deck.ly defeats the purpose of having a Twitter account.

  4. Constantly RT’ing just for the sake of Retweeting others.

    This is one of the most brilliant class of Twitter users. Because they have found a niche among the annoying Twitter user category. These tweeters will RT anything they come across. Their daily life focuses on how to RT other tweets as fast as possible while adding as little as possible on their own to the Twitter world. They are annoying because all they do is RT, even if it’s an RT of another RT that RT’s another RT. It’s annoying because such users destroy the purpose of RT. I actually try to avoid many RT’s now, knowing full well they’re being retweeted without any thought.

    The entire purpose of an RT, or a retweet, is to RT something that you yourself would have tweeted too if you had the chance. Annoying Twitter users use RT as their main form of expression, without tweeting much or at all on their own.

  5. MLM and Spam Link Tweets and replies only.

    Constantly posting MLM spam links makes you an annoying spammer and an annoying tweeter.

    Constantly posting MLM spam links makes you an annoying spammer and an annoying tweeter.

    Aaah yes. MLM and Spam. Two words meaning the same exact thing for many. Everyone knows about email spam. What everyone does not know is that spammers have embraced the new Twitter world will full force. Twitter is doing its part daily to delete and eliminate spamming tweets and spammy accounts. Spammers keep on flocking to Twitter in big numbers every minute of the day, though.

    Spammers have found the perfect way to get a lot of followers: they follow people who automatically follow them back. And with the increase in followers, they keep on posting the same link repeatedly.

    The mentality is that the more you post, the more chances there are of a link being clicked. So these annoying Twitter users keep posting the same link over and over again. And again. And again.

  6. Posting quotes as an obsession or to appear less spammy.

    This is a new quieter trend I’ve noticed happening on an increasing scale across the Twitterverse since last year that’s surprisingly not yet noticed directly by more tweeters. This class of annoying Tweeters keep tweeting their links all the time, and in between, they’ll post a few quotes without any links in order to appear normal and less spammy. This helps them avoid Twitter spam filters, and it also creates the fake illusion that the tweeter produces quality content, mixed with links.

    Chris Voss - quote spam to appear less of a link spammer.

    Chris Voss - quote spamming to hide link spamming.

    Chris Voss and Chris Voss Show twitter accounts, both by Chriss Voss, are examples of this. I give his example for one reason only: the video content on Chris’s website is awesome and makes a lot of sense. However, I’ve no idea why he resorts to this tactic of always posting links to his site or affiliate links every hour of the day, throwing in a quote or two every now and then to appear less spammy. When you actually read the tweets, it becomes annoying.

    The content on his site is great and very logical, but his online social accounts are 99.99% of the time repeated links to his new and old articles, mixed with quotes from others to appear less spammy to spam filters. I still follow Chris Voss, btw. I’ve learnt to ignore 99.99% of his tweets and annihilate the quotes in my mind, though.

  7. “Get More Followers” tweeters – all the time or regularly.

    Want to know how some tweeters have so many followers? They follow users who only follow back. Anytime you see any user with thousands of followers and the same or more amount of following, such a user is just following people who follow back. That tweeter has not achieved such a following because of being good. They become even more annoying because of repeatedly telling others how to “get more followers.

    @WebDesignDev followed 34k+ people in order to get 31k+ followers

    @WebDesignDev followed 34k+ people in order to get 31k+ followers

    @WebDesignDev is an example of this. They regularly tweet on how you can get more followers by following their links.

    The funny truth is, they got so many followers because they followed the exact same or more number of Twitter accounts which follow you back. When you follow someone on Twitter who automatically follows you back, you get 1 more follower in return. It’s absolutely no achievement to get even hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter if all of them are following you only because you followed them first. You will notice this annoying spamming tweet from thousands of tweeters every minute of the day on Twitter.

  8. Posting your online game achievements, like Mafia Wars or Zombies or others.

    These are just plain waste of time for everyone. Social games have continued to prove while the games work and make money on an individual level, the social interaction of such games has yet to maturely work in a fashion where the trend doesn’t die off, in terms of working effectively, within a few months. They surely build up excitement, but then majority of people move on, and the remaining people keep spamming their achievements. This mainly happens because the game services themselves want you to tweet about it.

    The more tweets you get, the more users you’ll get” is the hopeful mentality of these game services, without focusing on the quality of the tweets. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for users, it only serves as being annoying and creating a bad brand image.

  9. Tweets, specially Justin Bieber fans, who keep tweeting “Please Follow Me!” or “Plz Like my FB Page so I can get 25 users!

    If you do not know how Twitter and Justin Bieber are related, you are lucky. The twitter world’s biggest spam and quality problem at the moment seems to be the millions of kids, mainly from Europe and North America, who are joining Twitter just to tell others that they are Twitter fans. And they tweet the same kinds of messages constantly, begging others to follow them. Whether or not such users are fans of Justin Bieber, begging others to follow you on Twitter shows everything else that you are on Twitter not to tweet but to feel more important.

    And on Twitter, users acting like stereotypical MySpace users are loathed and considered annoying. And so is Justin Bieber.

  10. Tweeting “I don’t get this twitter shit” constantly.

    Complaining constantly about not understanding twitter makes you an annoying Tweeter

    Complaining constantly about not understanding twitter makes you an annoying Tweeter

    For some reason, these users always remind me of MySpace. There is a growing number of Twitter users, mostly new, who don’t understand what Twitter is about. That’s fine, because most of the people don’t. Not even Twitter completely knows what Twitter is doing right to get followers, otherwise you would be seeing the company making billions every year. What is happening though, in case of such annoying tweeters, is that they keep complaining about how they don’t understand twitter, without ever asking for help.

    It’s perfectly all right to not understand Twitter and to tweet about it. It’s annoying to constantly complain about not understanding without actually trying to understand. If you don’t get something, ask. Simply tweeting again and again that you don’t get Twitter will not solve anything. It will simply make others go “I don’t get your annoying tweets!

Are You an Annoying Tweeter? Know Any Other Annoying Tweeter Types?

In the end, something annoying for one person may be a blessing for someone else. What do you think of the above list? Do you think all of the above Twitter user types are annoying? Which other types of Twitter users annoy you?

As expected, I got a spammy mention with a spam FOREX link by @ann_vw while I was writing this post:

Spammed by annoying Twitter users even while I write about the Annoying Twitter Users

Spammed by annoying Twitter users even while I write about the Annoying Twitter Users

Share your thoughts, favorite tweets, annoying twitter users or any questions in the comments below. Thanks!

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