50 Free Hello Bar Invites

The Hello Bar is an elegant and simple top toolbar that can be placed on any website. You can use it to convey any message to your users, grabbing their attention the moment they land on your page. The bar can be minimized and maximized at will, allowing users to control the display of the bar.

The beauty of The Hello Bar is that you can you can install the code on any website and then edit or manage the bar and its message from an online control panel, without ever having to mess with that code again. At this time, The Hello Bar is available by invite only. You can sign up and then wait for your account to be activated. Or you can find someone who has The Hello Bar already and get a Beta code from them. We at Social Improve have already tried The Hello Bar, and many of us have several beta invite codes left.

Get your Hello Bar invite here!So what did we at Social Improve do with the codes? We collected all our souls and invites and decided to give them away to you. We have 50 free Hello Bar invites to give away. 54 to be precise, but we’re keeping 4 for ourselves just in case [greed is good].

50 Free Hello Bar Invites

50 Free The Hello Bar Invites

How do you get your free Hello Bar invite? Simple. Follow these 2 steps:

  1. Do one of the following [more than one if you wish]:
    1. Subscribe to the Social Improve Updates [free!]
    2. Like Social Improve on Facebook
    3. Like this article on Facebook
  2. Add Bes Zain and share this post on Facebook.
  3. Follow @BesZ and tweet this post.
  4. Leave a comment below, using a valid e-mail address, sharing why you want the Hello Bar and also sharing the FB share url, the Tweet url, or mentioning if you subscribed to Social Improve Updates, or Liked either Social Improve or this article on Facebook from step # 1 above.

We’ll go through the list as fast as we can and send you an invite soon. Hurry, before all the invites are gone!

If you have extra The Hello Bar invites, comment below with your contact info or your link so that others can benefit and request them from you. The more we share, the better.

Get Your Hello Bar Invite Now!

Do you like The Hello Bar? Why or why not?

Please share your requests, thoughts about The Hello Bar or any questions below. Thanks.

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