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Poll: Turning Off Links in Comments

Out friend and fellow guest contributor Andrew Rickmann has decided to experiment and turn the Do-Follow movement on its head and make it entirely irrelevant. Rather than decide whether to implement Do-Follow or No-Follow in his comment’s section, he has decided to turn off links completely. Andrew has started a poll regarding the technique and […]

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Surprise Your Readers With The Welcome Plugin For WordPress

Have you ever experienced that warm feeling, when you are just to be introduced to somebody, and that person says “Yes, I know John, we’ve had the pleasure to get in touch some time ago.”? It feels good to see that people remember you, doesn’t it? But what if you knew this is part of […]

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Reader Appreciation Initiatives 12-20-2007

How Do You De-Stress An interesting post on LifeHacker about stress. It is also a good example of involving the readers through a simple question. Home Town Scout (Not Work or Child Friendly) Reader Appreciation Month January is reader appreciation month. I will be giving away my entire collection of seduction Dvds, CDs, and ebooks. […]

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Reader Appreciation Initiatives 12-15-2007

Eight Simple Ways For Readers To Interact With You Etienne provides eight ways to increase reader interaction. A lot of those are tips the project recommends such as having a contact form, enabling comments, responding to comments, multiple ways of contact. Due to spam, you now need to register to be able to post a […]

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Reader Appreciation Initiatives 10-27-2007

The Mosh Pit 10.26.07: The Darkest Music For Halloween In the ‘Tales from the Pit’, the writer focuses on some reader comments. This is an excellent example of reader spotlight. Chris Marshall This week Chris Marshall focuses on Paul Stamatiou. Yet another great example of a reader spotlight. So many thanks… A great example of […]

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Reader Appreciation Initiatives 10-20-2007

19 Strategies to Help Turn New Visitors Into Loyal Readers A very insightful post about how to turn visitors into loyal readers. A lot of the tips mentioned are very useful reader appreciation techniques. Reader Appreciation Month From the page: The penultimate Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. In celebration […]

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Reader Appreciation Initiatives 10-11-2007

Reviving words of gratitude Isabelle Regina Yujuico of the Manila Standard Today reminds us that words of gratitude go a long way towards making someone feel appreciated. This article is full of good offline advice that can easily be applied online. Who Do You Serve? Chris Garrett writes an intriguing post that states one should […]

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Chris Garrett Offering Guest Posts to Readers

Earlier this week, Chris Garrett offered to write some guest posts for some of his readers. There were a few initial conditions: You need to let Chris know of your desire for a guest post. You have a Technorati-confirmed blog and you provide a link to his site. One reader took exception to the conditions […]

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A Case for Disabling Comments – Avinash 2.0

My interview with Shawn Blanc helped me in understanding why certain bloggers would choose to disable comments. If you haven’t read the interview, I suggest you take a look because there are some really thought-provoking statements that Shawn makes in regards to disabling comments. I came across another headline this week that kind of made […]

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Reader Appreciation Initiatives 10-06-2007

Rewarding interaction; Reader Appreciation Journey Guy will give the top commenter $30, and the 2nd and third $10. This is a nice incentive to get people to comment, although I’ve seen that in situations like these, some people comment just to comment in order to get the prize. Other approaches I’ve seen is awarding the […]

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