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Placing Readers First – Daniel Ha from Disqus

Niclas Darville writes in:

I recall you handing out awards for bloggers who made a heroic effort out of helping their readers and being good sports overall.

In that regard, I’d like to recommend the Disqus team and Daniel Ha in particular, who makes an insane effort out of answering and helping everyone on the site.

They/he may not be a blogger as such, as their real blog is a development blog for a comments system; they do, however have a support forum of sorts where Daniel Ha constantly rushes to answer and solve questions posed by the readers.

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RSS Day! Yay!

This is just a quick note to pay homage to RSS day. As a reader, I love RSS. It enables me to view a site’s content without having to visit the site. As a result, I can quickly keep up with my favorite bloggers and save the information I’m really interested in for later. What […]

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A Reader Appreciation Day in the Blogosphere

Unbeknownst to me, April 16th was Reader Appreciation Day. Last year we held something rather similar, which was Reader Appreciation Week (this year’s has yet to be scheduled). I’d like to highlight several of the posts I found around this Blogger Reader Appreciation Day ( BRAD?) as an example of reader appreciation. Readers Provide a […]

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The Boomerang Effect Of Reader Appreciation

As I read ProBlogger once in a few weeks or so, I found out about the Blogger Appreciation Day directly from bloggers who linked to my blog on April 13th or 14th as a sign of appreciation. The funniest thing is that they diverted a bit from the purpose of this celebration, and appreciated those […]

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Blogger Appreciation Day

Looks like Darren is the latest to catch the appreciation buzz. We’re in it together, blogging is about collaboration and together going further than we can by ourselves – so why not help another blogger today by shooting them a word of encouragement, a pep talk, a congratulations, an idea to help them improve or […]

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Lorelle (Queen of WordPress) on WordPress Weekly Tonight!

Ok, I Lied… (UPDATE) Lorelle was ill and Jeffro had weather issues in Ohio. The show is re-scheduled for next week (April 18th). If you have some time tonight, Lorelle will be on WordPress Weekly LIVE tonight at 9pm EST. You can call in and ask Lorelle questions LIVE! Yes, in real time! Our pal […]

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Liz Strauss and a Good Hair Day

Liz Strauss at WordCamp Dallas Transcript

The following is a transcript I put together covering Liz Strauss’s appearance at WordCamp Dallas. I tried to keep the conversational tone intact. I did my best to capture everything, but some parts were just too difficult to make out.

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Feeling Like a Rockstar

Jeffro2pt0 and Trisha Miller at WordCamp The focus of has for the most part, centered around the idea of Reader Appreciation. However, after attending WordCamp Dallas, I’d like to tell a story which seems like a reversal of roles. Sometime after lunch on the first day of the conference, a woman came up to […]

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Reader Appreciation Project – New Features

After the launch of the new design a few weeks ago, several approached me and asked, “When are you going to write a post about all the new stuff?” I scratched my head and thought, “Well, I suppose people can look for themselves.” During WordCamp, however, Jeffro again insisted I should do a write up. […]

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New Side Project – The Reader In-appreciation Project

Due to the large success of the Reader Appreciation Project, it has become evident that there also exists a niche for the lack thereof of appreciation. After brainstorming for a few days, I came up with the idea for the Reader In-appreciation Project. The site will showcase ways to use readers to your advantage, how […]

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