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Empty Strip Mall

What Type of Atmosphere is Your Blog Store?

Every blog is a store. There’s no question in my mind about that. You don’t have to be selling anything on your blog. I still consider your blog a store. The question is, what kind of atmosphere is your blog store promoting? Why is Your Blog a Store? Think of your blog as a store […]

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Is It Ever Okay to Lose Readers?

A few weeks ago I came across a post that discussed when it was okay to lose readers. Leroy Brown from Green Llama said this: If someone unsubscribes from your blog, or just stops visiting over an advertisement that they don’t like, then you’ve lost nothing. He went on to conclude: So if you have […]

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How is Your Blog Handshake?

Shawn Blanc asked on his blog how one’s handshake was. Shawn said this: You’d be surprised what a solid handshake, some eye contact and a smile will do. Let’s not forget that other people are just that – people. Whatever situation you encounter people in, try being a little more friendly to them, and carry […]

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Being Lost in the Conversation?

Have you ever been in a conversation where everybody was talking and acknowledging each other, but when you spoke, it was almost as if your comment was ignored? When one is ignored, I would imagine that one would feel rejected, left out, belittled, unkempt, or a host of other negative feelings. A Question for Bloggers […]

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