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Reply to Comments Screenshot

Would You Like a Reply to Your Comment?

One of the things I’ve constantly struggled with is replying to comments. Sometimes a post is old, and someone decides to leave an off-hand comment. Do I reply, or just leave it be? Or, someone has made a well-versed comment, but all I can think of is, “Nice comment.” I’ve created some code (if you’re […]

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Ajax Edit Comments – New Author

Ajax Edit Comments has a new home at, with full updates & news. I’ve been looking for a new author for Ajax Edit Comments for some time now. With the help of Jeff from WP Tavern, I was able to find a new author. Ajay Dsouza, who I assume needs no introduction, has decided […]

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WP Categories and Posts – New Author

WP Categories and Posts now has a new page and author. Please visit the new WP Categories and Posts Page on the Phill McDonnell website. WP Categories and Posts was one of my first plugins I wrote for raproject. It was quickly overshadowed by Ajax Edit Comments, and I didn’t really touch it after that. […]

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Ajax Edit Comments 2.2 Released

Ajax Edit Comments has a new home at Today marks the first major release in some time for Ajax Edit Comments. Here are some of the changes in 2.2. Feature: De-link comment option for admins. Feature: Ability to move comment-editing interface above or below the comment. Feature/Bug Fix: Edited comments are checked against comment […]

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Two Plugin Updates – Ajax Edit Comments and WP Grins Lite

Ajax Edit Comments has a new home at This weekend I released an update to two of my plugins hosted here. Ajax Edit Comments The first update was for Ajax Edit Comments. Oliver from the cforms-ii plugin approached me and asked if I was interested in making our plugins compatible. Being a huge fan […]

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WP Grins

WP Grins – Lite

A while back, when I released the new commenting section for this blog, one of the requests was the inclusion of smilies. I installed WP Grins, but the overhead of the Prototype library was immediately noticable on the site. Since I was already using jQuery here, it was apparent I wanted to port the plugin […]

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Global Contexts - Adding a Question

Plugin Review – Fun With In-Context Comments

Andrew Rickmann, friend and fellow RA Project contributor, has released a new plugin called Fun With In-Context Comments for WordPress 2.5.

The plugin allows you to add questions to your comment section, which readers can optionally answer.

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Ajax Edit Comments 2.1 Released

Ajax Edit Comments has a new home now. Ajax Edit Comments 2.1 is ready for release. For the download, please visit the Ajax Edit Comments 2.0 page. Feature Additions Option to disable icons. Option to disable Gravatars. Added auto-scroll to comment. Option to customize title text and URL Option to remove “clearfix Option to specify […]

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Ajax Edit Comments 2.1 Pre-Release

Ajax Edit Comments has a new home now. I’ve been busy with some fairly sizable updates to the plugin. Thanks to feedback from various sources including Viper007 and Sean from Pixelwit, I’ve added in a number of updates/changes. Since there are a fair amount of changes, I’m holding off on an official release and also […]

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Comment Remix - Tags, Reply, and Quote

Plugin Review – WP Comment Remix

The newest WordPress plugin to help with commenting and reader appreciation is that of WP Comment Remix.

Comment Remix enhances your admin comment section, and introduces several post features.

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