Do You Like ‘Thank You Sponsor’ Posts?

I’m going to write a post soon that will lay out my very blunt opinion on the usefulness of sponsor type posts. I admit I am a little naive when it comes to criticizing things like this because I haven’t ever tried to monetize a blog before. However, to me as a reader, I don’t see any benefit of these posts whatsoever.

One type of sponsor posts that comes to mind are the ones from Daily Blog Tips. In this June sponsor post, Daniel thanks the readers:

As usual, I would like to thank the readers on the first place.

The next sentence gets to business:

Secondly, Daily Blog Tips has 2 Sponsorship spots open for July, if you are interested just head to the Contact page and send me an email, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As a reader, what do you think of such posts?

Please respond as I’d like to use your feedback for a follow-up post.

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