Feeling Like a Rockstar

Jeffro2pt0 and Trisha Miller at WordCamp

The focus of RAProject.com has for the most part, centered around the idea of Reader Appreciation. However, after attending WordCamp Dallas, I’d like to tell a story which seems like a reversal of roles.

Sometime after lunch on the first day of the conference, a woman came up to me and asked if I was Jeffro, the webmaster of Jeffro2pt0.com. After confirming her suspicion, she introduced herself as Trisha. She then began to tell me how much she enjoyed my blog.

At this point I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, people actually read that thing”.

She told me how she has the blog in her iGoogle page and really enjoys the way I write. As I was listening to Trisha tell me what she enjoyed so much about my writing and my blog, I got this euphoric feeling inside of me.

I felt like a rock star because here we are, at this conference where I still feel as if I’m a nobody in this land some call the blogosphere and someone from another part of the country is talking to me face to face telling me how much they enjoy the site. It was very enjoyable to talk with Trisha and get a face to face conversation of what a reader of my site appreciated and what they didn’t.

So often, blog authors are encouraged to think of their readers first. I still believe in that mantra. However, because of this experience at WordCamp Dallas, I believe that readers should also show appreciation to their favorite blog authors either by meeting them face to face or by sending in emails letting them know that they are not writing into an echo chamber. My experience with Trisha was a fulfilling one which has given me a renewed sense of blogging energy.

If you write for yourself or for a not so popular blog and have had people come up to you and tell you how much they have appreciated your work, please let me know in the commenting section. I’d be very interested to know what sort of emotions you experienced during the conversation. It’s not often when you get to talk to YOUR readers face to face.

I’d also be interested in feedback for those of you who have received emails of encouragement from readers of your blog. What sort of effect have those emails had on you?

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