How Do You Respond to Things You Disagree With?

How do you react to things you disagree with?

How do you react to things you disagree with?

Here at RA Project we get many comments every day. Some are spam, some are questions, some are comments to test out various plugins, and some are comments to agree or disagree with certain viewpoints.

It is an observable fact that successful people avoid getting upset publicly. You yourself many notice that people who need what they want actually ignore most or all of the opposition and disagreements they notice coming their way. The bad thing about such an approach is that it alienates a lot of people. The good thing about such an approach is that it strengthens your reaction to others and also ensures that you seldom get upset by others online when you realize you are on a track to achieve something.

Darnell Clayton wrote “Why WordPress Bloggers Need to Choose Premium Plugins Over Free.” The article reasons as to why premium plugins are always better than free plugins. I consider it a very important post that everyone should read for one specific reason: the types of reactions it has created. The post is now a classic example of how people get upset or emotional simply because someone brings up a topic that targets their job or their opinions.

Let us look at a few examples of how some people reacted to Darnell’s article.

Examples of How Some People Respond to Things They Disagree With

Now in response, some people, in addition to agreeing or disagreeing with the points, actually responded by getting offended by any idea of premium plugins being completely better than free plugins. Here are 4 examples of this:

  1. Ozh from Planet Ozh called the post “trolling” since he did not like it. That is one example of someone labeling someone as abnormal or “trolling” solely because of not liking an idea expressed by someone on your blog.

    Ozh calls a author he disagrees with "trolling"

    Since Ozh did not like the post, he called it trolling.

  2. In the very comment above, Rahul Bansai replies to Ozh and disagrees with Ozh. At the same time, Rahul takes Ozh’s comment very seriously and actually hopes for Darnell to clear up or explain himself in a follow-up post, simply because Ozh wrote that comment. It is also interesting to note that in an earlier comment Rahul expressed his shock that Darnell would suggest such a thing, though Rahul did not label Darnell with any negative connotations in such a disagreement.

    This is what can happen to your post also: someone may take your side while also expecting you to explain yourself more to anyone who says you are “trolling” solely because you wrote something they did not like.

  3. Many WordPress supporters reacted harshly to Darneel. Would you too?

    Many WordPress supporters reacted harshly to Darneel. Would you too?

    Andrew Nacin, one of WordPress core developers, simply said “This reads like FUD.

    This is another example of someone simply labeling you or your ideas as unacceptable or rational simply because that someone disagrees with them, without actually telling you why they think that. You will notice a lot of emotional outbursts like these when you write posts that others disagree with.

  4. Lorelle VanFossen took the original post by Darnell as an insult and responded by writing an article called “Responding to Insult Against WordPress Plugin Authors.” She said:

    After all these years on the web, you would think I wouldn’t get fired up over pure stupidity and selfish meanness. You’d think I’d have thicker callouses. When it comes to trashing the WordPress Community – ooooh, my shackles rise.

    It is also interesting to note that Lorelle, in addition to taking Darnell’s post as an insult, explains why she thinks he is wrong and offers her viewpoints.

These are excellent examples of how someone may disagree with a post you yourself may have wrote. The interesting thing is that Darnell himself never attacked any of these people, nor did he dismiss them as “trolling” or other labels, the way he was dismissed by many.

How do you respond to things you disagree with?

I have an awesome rule, or an idea, of not rushing myself into responding to things I disagree with while I feel emotional about the topic they are talking about. Otherwise, it can be very easy to say things simply to attack or insult the person who wrote something you disagree with, instead of discussing or expressing why you think otherwise. As I have mentioned before, it is better to disagree with arguments, and not with people who argue.

Of course, Darnell posted a follow-up article on Blog Herald titled “Should WordPress mimic Apple regarding premium plugins” in which he, accomodating all the previous insults and disagreements he got from the WordPress community solely for thinking that premium plugins can be better than free plugins, talks about how premium plugins can be given priority while free plugins can live on. Lorelle, Ozh and Andrew have so far not replied to that post.

What do you think?

What do you think from all of this? How would you react to things and posts you disagree with? From the above comment examples, which comment do you think is the most rational? Which one is the least? Which comment type would you most like leave yourself? Which comment would you be comfortable receiving on your blog?

Share your opinions, tips or any experiences in your comment below. Feel free to agree or disagree in any manner you wish!

Thanks for reading!

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