Is Facebook the New MySpace?

Is Facebook the new MySpace? That’s the biggest question many people have been wondering about in 2011. And with 2012 upon us, that question is more vibrant than ever before.

Facebook has gone from having the cleanest and most consistent social networking layout to probably having one of the most complicated layout of all the majority of the sites I use daily. Twitter, Google+, and even the sophisticated LinkedIn is easier to use and manage than Facebook at the moment. And in some areas, Facebook is now as difficult to use as MySpace once was and currently is.

That is not a good sign, is it?

Every hour someone out there is either supporting or bashing all the new things Facebook is trying, adding and releasing. And there is a good reason for such reactions.

Where is Facebook headed?

Do you think Facebook is the New MySpace?

Do you think Facebook is the New MySpace?

Facebook has come a long way from being a MySpace alternative to becoming the biggest and most powerful social network on the planet. Facebook is in the seat that MySpace once was, is starting to lose its original simple private-only-network touch, and many are predicting that Facebook will be treated like MySpace also.

MySpace was dethroned because Facebook came up with something simpler and better. Right now, it seems Facebook is not the simpler and better network anymore. In fact, data shows that users are starting to spend less time on Facebook now compared to before, specially when Facebook keeps introducing new features to try and compete with everything else online.

But, is Facebook really the new MySpace? Or are users (including myself) simply used to the simplicity of the original-Facebook era and are associating any complexity in layout and controls with the complexity that doomed MySpace functionality?

Do these qualities make Facebook the New MySpace?

  1. Simplicity has been killed
  2. Unwanted Information Spam. It’s actually official that Facebook will show you information from groups you’re not part of.
  3. Unwanted Photo Tags
  4. Unwanted Group Additions. It’s also official that Facebook does not allow you to moderate your group memberships – you can be added to any Facebook group by your contacts without your permission.
  5. Spam Messages
  6. App Status Post Spam
  7. App Invitation Spam
  8. Facebook Layout is going from being extra simple to being extra complex.

    This was the biggest selling point of Facebook back when it was taking on MySpace. This is also one of the 2 big reasons people back then switched to Facebook. However, the Facebook layout is now getting more and more complicated as more new features are added to everyone’s profiles.

Do you think Facebook is becoming the new MySpace?

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Facebook is headed in the direction of MySpace? Do you think all these new features are going to end up turning users away when something new and simpler, like Google+, comes along or gets more attention? Or do you think Facebook, even with all its features, is still never going to face the MySpace fate and will easily avoid being taken over by Google+ or something else?

Share your opinions or questions by commenting below. Thanks for reading!

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