RAW 2007 Prize Ideas

RAW 2007 is now over. Thank you to all who participated.

Reader Appreciation Week 2007

If you decide to participate in Reader Appreciation Week(RAW) 2007, you might be struggling to come up with ideas for stuff to give away. Below is a list of prizes the RAW team brainstormed. The prizes are split up into three categories: tech, non-tech, and non-monetary.

Non-Monetary Prize Ideas

  • Free hosting
  • E-book Downloads
  • Website design
  • Theme Design
  • Logo Design
  • Free advertising space
  • Free consulting (blog, design, etc…)
  • Reader Spotlight – Write a post about a particular reader
  • Create a Readers’ Hall of Fame
  • Special invites to non-public betas
  • Custom Titles and/or Avatars (for forum leaders)

Non-Technical Prizes

The following prizes are ideal for readers that aren’t highly technical.

Technical Prizes

The following prize ideas are ideal for readers comfortable with the online world and online shopping.

Other Ideas?

If you have any other ideas for prizes that haven’t been mentioned, please let us know about it in the comments.

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