Short Case Study: When a Reader Needs Help

I’ve been following a story about a fellow RA Project reader RT Cunningham from Untwisted Vortex. RT, who lives in the Philippines, was troubled because his wife had to have tonsil surgery. The resulting trip to the U.S. and the possibility of the loss of his wife’s income became a concern. In a plea, RT wrote about his ordeal and explained that things would be tough for a while.

The Blogging Community Reacts

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger stepped up to the plate and wrote a post about RT’s ordeal.

Other readers and bloggers got behind RT in placing a donation button on his blog.

And the Blogging Community Assists

RT had to take the donate button off his blog due to the massive amount of support shown from many around the blogosphere. It was my intention with this post to continue to spread the word about his ordeal, but I was pleased that RT had received what he considered enough.

In RT’s Circle of Life post, he said this:

I’ve taken down the PayPal donation button that I put in the upper left sidebar yesterday. Within 24 hours, I have received USD $3,004.00. I’m absolutely positive this is more than enough to cover expenses, including those that are unforeseen. I’m also absolutely sure this would not have been able to happen without the support of some key players


This (short) case study demonstrates how the blogosphere can get behind a fellow blogger in need. And it also demonstrates how a influential blogger (like Darren) can remain humble and still help out his readers.

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