The Boomerang Effect Of Reader Appreciation

As I read ProBlogger once in a few weeks or so, I found out about the Blogger Appreciation Day directly from bloggers who linked to my blog on April 13th or 14th as a sign of appreciation. The funniest thing is that they diverted a bit from the purpose of this celebration, and appreciated those bloggers for being readers rather than for being bloggers.

Nevertheless, appreciation is supposed to make people feel good, isn’t it?

Most of the times, it works that way. But, as in my case here, it can make you feel a bit embarrassed. The reason I felt that way was that I haven’t visited those two blogs since a couple of months ago and now they were appreciating me as a reader.

So, the reader appreciation resulted in getting one reader back, acting like a boomerang. For myself, and probably for many other readers. And because I didn’t stop reading those blogs on purpose, but I just got caught in some projects, you can be sure that at least for a while I’ll remember to check on those two blogs every other day and become again the reader they used to like. And this was due to one single reminder link.

Can you see how powerful linking to your readers’ blogs from time to time can be? How often do you remember to link to them?

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