Tools for Your Blog Readers

Readers appreciation blog toolsA special host has special guests. A special blog has special readers. A special blogger provides readers with special tools to make them feel comfortable, and to help them enjoy the great content of the blog.
What tools do you offer to your special readers?

Here’s a list of ideas from Readers Appreciation Project:

1. Give your readers the possibility to edit their comments: WP Ajax Edit Comments WordPress plugin. We all make mistakes when typing. But only those of us who read blogs which use this plugin have the chance to correct them.

2. Give them the possibility to change the font size: wp-chfontsize WordPress plugin. Many people don’t know or forget that they can do this from their browser. Why not making it easier?

3. Promote appreciation between your readers: Brian’s Threaded Comments WordPress plugin. Your readers will be allowed to answer directly other readers’ comments, thus enhancing interactivity on your blog and appreciation (or disputes?) between your readers.

4. Let your readers see your blog the way they like it: Theme Switcher WordPress plugin. What bigger sign of appreciation do you want, than letting you change my site’s appearance as you wish? Wouldn’t you, my reader, feel a little bit like a web designer yourself?

5. Offer your readers the spoken alternative to your blog posts: WordPress Odiogo ListenButton plugin. Why not make it easier for visually impaired readers to hear your thoughts? As this plugin comes with the possibility for readers to get your feed on the iPod or other mp3 player, everybody can benefit from it.

Any more ideas? Which of the above do you see as offering added value for your readers?

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