What Would You Like in August, 2010?

What do you want to see on RA Project in August, 2010?

What do you want to see on RA Project in August, 2010?

Since the beginning, RA Project has been dedicated to helping you, the blog reader. Beginning this year, you and I took RA Project to the next step and made it cover business and customers further. Now is again the time for you and me to take it another step. It is time to actually decide what you would like to be covered during the month of August, 2010.

You can decide what RA Project should cover for you. From your company to an industry or online trend to money and any blogging or business topic, RA Project covers it all and can cover it all. You can also guest post if you wish. Is there a topic you are struggling with at your business or on your blog or both? Is there something you wish to improve? Do you need suggestions for something? Do you need to find the right answers, methods or tools to something you wish to be perfect at?

What would you like RA Project to cover in August, 2010?

Please share any topics you want covered or answered, or any questions through your comment below. You can also contact me at RA Project privately with anything you wish. Thank you for reading RA Project!

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