Will Facebook Chat become the best instant messenger?

Facebook logoFacebook Chat allows you to send instant messages to any of your Facebook friends who are online. Every Facebook user has the chat feature enabled by default, resulting in immediate access to all of your Facebook contacts.

Today, SM Notes asks you the elemental question: Do you think Facebook Chat will become the best instant messenger online?

Because of the simplicity and instant available of Facebook Chat, you may find Facebook Chat to be one of the fastest chat services available today. It is fast, and there is no need to log in and out of the chat. Simply going to the Facebook website can start the chat, and simply leaving the Facebook website results in the chat service logging you out. This way, you can do anything on Facebook, go from page to page, and your Facebook chat window maintains a list of all your chats and contacts on each page.

Following are some random benefits and drawbacks of Facebook Chat that affect you directly.

Benefits of Facebook Chat:

  1. All within your browser
  2. Nothing extra to install
  3. All online contacts available to chat with
  4. Video chat coming soon
  5. Voice chat coming soon
  6. Portability. Because of the Facebook API, many external applications, like Pidgin, can integrate Facebook chat, allowing you to skip the browser altogether.
  7. Almost no spam from non-contacts. Because only your existing Facebook friends can chat with you, anyone who is not your Facebook contact will not be able to chat with you unless you add them as a friend first.

Drawbacks of Facebook Chat:

  1. No ability to transfer files to contacts
  2. No direct archival of messages
  3. Minimal privacy options.
  4. Browser dependent. Depending on the browser means that you cannot chat on devices like the phone easily.
  5. Only way to add contacts is to add Facebook users. Non-facebook users cannot be chatted with yet.

Do you think Facebook Chat is going to be the best instant messenger?

Whether or not Facebook Chat starts affecting the specific operating system platformed instant messengers, there is one thing that will remain true for a while: Facebook Chat will allow Facebook users to interact more with each other.

Have you used Facebook Chat? Do you think it has potential?

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