Will Google Instant Kill Your SEO Efforts?

Google Instant Launch

Google Instant Launch - do you instant search now?

September of 2010 is when the SEO world started facing its biggest fear and confusion so far. Google Instant, a new way to instantly see search results as one starts typing, is making many people beleive that the days of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, are over.

Are days of SEO actually over, though? Will Google take any step to turn off the attention that millions of websites pay to Google, through SEO, in order to make Google like them more? While the answers to those questions can be very relative, what is absolutely clear is that Google Instant does indeed help you search faster and also helps you realize what you are actually typing. When you realize the implications of each keyword stroke on the keyboard on the Google search page, you realize how your search habits and skills affect the actual search results that Google shows. Many SEO webmasters and workers, however, appear to be feeling the heat.

Is SEO actually dead? Will Google Instant hurt your SEO efforts a lot? Let us quickly figure out and asses the situation.

Why Many Bloggers & Site Owners Worry About Google Instant Hurting SEO

SEO usually depends on people typing in exact keywords like “Best web host” or “Top 10 WordPress Themes” into Google that usually show website results. Google Instant is a new search modification by Google that shows results as you type your search words. Like the name says, Google Instant shows instant automatic results. For example, you can type “Best we”, and before you even type the “b” in that “web” word, Google will show you results automatically. That is what is making waves in the SEO industry.

Google Instant Search For Bes Zai - without yet typing the n in the end

Google Instant Search For Bes Zai - without yet typing the n in the end

Many people think that such a move by Google, whether intentionally or unintentionally, affects and hurts SEO because Google Instant focuses on showing results on every word type and SEO in contrast right now never focuses on randomized virtual keywords that cover all the possibilities of a search. The SEO industry as a whole, however, is saying that Google Instant will have an affect on SEO, but only to the extent of changing the SEO approach and game. The SEO industry is saying that SEO will not die and will not get hurt in any manner by Google Instant, since SEO focuses on keywords and customization, and thus many people will end up typing the same kind of keywords, whether or not they are actually able to finish typing such words.

No, Google Instant should not worry you.

The only people who should worry about Google Instant are the people who put all their eggs into the SEO business, specially the Google SEO business. As many of RA Project fans and my contacts know, I have myself never optimized any of my sites for Google specifically, and still my websites keep getting an increasing amount of visitors. Why? Because even when Google is so popular, Google is not the only place people go to when they go online. Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of other websites like Bing and Yahoo are the daily destinations of millions of people online.

Google Instant will surely affect SEO in a big manner. It may actually start showing completely different results than what traditional SEO is used to so far. After all, Google Instant exists solely to start showing you instant and different results compared to before, while also saving you time. Google Instant is not predicting your search in every search. Google Instant many times tells you the search result answers instantly and letter by letter as you type, making you change your search words or even stop searching for full words as you realize you can change your search for better or clearer words or search results. You may even change your mind and head elsewhere depending on the instant search results you see.

What do you think of Google Instant and SEO?

Do you think Google Instant is going to hurt or affect SEO dramatically? Would people start searching for different or incomplete keywords because they are now finding results quicker and without having to enter full keywords? Will your SEO efforts get hurt or affected by Google Instant?

Please share your thoughts, questions, tips or any ideas in your comments below. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it!

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